Clara loves to play ball. The founding member of the Monarchs, Clara has competed at BFAs Nationals in 2015 and 2016, and was part of the team that took the 2016 10U Championship. She takes great joy and inspiration from playing with other girls. Clara plays 1st and 2nd base and shortstop.
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Girls' Baseball in Southern California
Shae has been playing ball since she was 5 years old. Amember of the LA Waves 11U team that won a boys' tournament in 2014, and part of the Monarchs' 2016 National Championship team, Shae plays catcher, pitcher, and 3rd base.

Taylor plays hardball in Orange County, where she recently won her Little League's homerun derby, beating out 40 boys with a 274 foot big fly. She plays pitcher and first base.

Zoe has played baseball since she was 4 years old. She plays 3rd and 1st base, pitcher, and catcher. A member of the Monarchs' 2016 10U National Championship team, Zoe will be competing again at Nationals this summer.

Reese joined the Monarchs at Nationals in San Francisco from Oregon. She has played ball for 5 years. Reese is a speedy and versatile utility player, and an excellent right fielder, She will play again with the Monarchs' 11U team in Rockford this summer.
Immersed in baseball for years from watching her brother's team play, Natalia decided she wanted to play too and at the end of her first season, joined the Monarchs to win the National title in 2016. She will play again this summer for our 13U team.
A pitcher and firstbaseman, Sadie has played hardball for 7 years. Fresh from her local team's championship victory, Sadie played with the Championship winning Monarchs at Nationals in San Francisco and will join them again in Rockford this summer.
Cameron has been learning about baseball since the day she was born and started playing at 3. A member of the 2016 Monarchs Nationals team, she has earned a number of nicknames based on her playing ability, from "Bigs" and "Beast" to "Diamond Girl" and "MVP."
Maggie will be joining the Monarchs 13U team at Nationals this summer. She has played baseball for the past 7 years. A versatile player, Maggie plays catcher, pitcher, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. She loves playing sports with her friends and one of her favorite things in baseball is getting into (and out of) a pickle!
Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Athena will be joining the Monarchs to play 13U at Nationals this summer. A pitcher and 1st baseman with her local all-star team these last two years, Athena also plays outfield and catcher.


Madison joined the Monarchs at BFA's 2016 Nationals in San Francisco, where she was part of our championship-winning team. She plays competitive travel baseball and loves showing that girls play ball as well as, if not better than, boys!
Jazz will be traveling from Florida to join the 11U Monarchs at Nationals. An allstar in her league and a travelball player, Jazz plays 2nd, short, pitcher, and catcher.
Julia has been playing hardball for 8 years. The only girl in majors and an All-Star for the third consecutive year, Julia also plays travelball. Julia plays first base, pitches, and catches. She will be joining the Monarchs in Rockford to play on the 13U Nationals team.
Charlee is in her 2nd year practicing with the Monarchs. She competed at Nationals in SF last year - as well as USA baseball's inaugural Trailblazer Series in Compton earlier this season.
She has played baseball for 7 seasons. She is a true utility player that can play any position - but loves to put in hard work behind the plate.
Bee loves baseball, and has been playing competitively for the last five years. Her favorite playing position is second base. She is happy to be joining the Monarchs for the 2017 Nationals in Rockford, Illinois.
Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Ella started playing softball and then decided to take a spin on the baseball field, playing a spring season, and then a fall travel season with the boys. She returned to her softball roots this spring, but during her time in hardball, Ella became a proficient catcher, learning how to frame pitches to fool umpires! She is a catcher and outfielder for her softball team but is excited to get back on the baseball diamond with the Monarchs!
Zoe has played with the Monarchs for two years and played in the 8U division in the 2016 Nationals. A feisty ball player, Zoe has been striking out boys in her league all season and will play for the 11U Monarchs at Nationals this summer.
A native New Yorker, Sam has been playing baseball since she was five years old. She has not only grown into an adept ball player, but has taught her hometown league a thing or two about girls playing baseball! Sam is a versatile infielder, but she loves playing second. She recently started pitching and plays catcher as well. Co-captain of her team, Sam's quick bat has earned her the nickname "Viper".
Macy has played baseball for eight years. She played as the only girl traveling with her 9U All Star team then became the only girl playing travel ball starting at 10U. She was first able to play with other girls with the LA Waves when they won a local tournament in 2014. She next played with the Carolina Terminators winning the First National Girls Baseball tournament in 2015. In 2016, she traveled to Cooperstown with her 12U travel team. She was honored as the first girl to play Cal Ripken Majors in the region and has continued to play Little League Juniors. She has played every position but her favorites are pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. She's looking forward to joining the Monarchs 13U team for Nationals 2017.
Meredith has played baseball year-round since she was 5 years old. She plays travel ball, league ball, and plays on her school's varsity softball team. Meredith is a consistent hitter and will be bringing her 4-seam, 2-seam, change up and knuckleball curve to pitch for the 11U Monarchs at Nationals!
Hailing from Baltomore, Katrina has been playing co-ed baseball for four years. Primarily a 2nd baseman, she also plays 3B and SS. Her nickname on the field is "Hurricane." Katrina is excited to go to Nationals for the first time this year, where she will be joining the 11U Monarchs.
Mailani has been playing baseball since she was 4 years old. She is a baseball buddy on the South Pasadena Challenger team. Her favorite baseball player is Adrian Gonzalez of the Dodgers. This is her first season with the Monarchs and has learned a lot from the veteran Monarchs girls. She is excited to play on the Monarchs' 11U team at Nationals.